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Show & Tell: Saturday 22nd October 2022

at The SideSpace.  Just turn up at any time between 10am and 1pm.

An Open Day at The SideSpace: meet the students, watch some pop-up performances,
chat to the teaching team, and view the Arts Council-funded Sound Sculpture.

Christmas Concert: Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November

at The SideSpace

A Christmas present of poetry, music, stories, song and bells, in a concert by the students to delight and entertain, including contributions from Shakespeare, Dickens and Alan Tichmarsh.

The Fairy Tale Fixers: Thursday 1st December

at The SideSpace

There’s unrest in the realm of fairy tales. The plot lines have lost the plot and the characters are competing for charisma. Cue the Fairytale Fixers ...

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